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A Crypto Native Distribution Agency

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Press Releases

Get personalised press releases distributed to Bloomberg, Business Insider, CoinDesk, CoinTelegraph, and other large media firms.

KOL Marketing

Crypto twitter is a special place. There are special strategies to drive your project to the forefront of narratives. Access our network and battle-tested formulas to do so.


10K+ reader newsletter, helping individuals navigate through the world of DeFi. Organic placement opportunities to drive users and activity to your project.

Technical Writing

Social media and long-form content strategies, written by a technical crypto-native team, adapted for the crypto-native persona. (Yes, we cater to degens too)

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Public Relations

Our Angle

Our comprehensive marketing strategies designed to help crypto projects stand out. Every project has a unique narrative, we help you find it. We then craft top quality content and pair it with powerful distribution and impactful storytelling.

Guaranteed Results

Results matter. We’re committed to working with you long term with aligned incentives. Your success is our success. If something we try doesn’t work, we try again, and differently. Creativity is our guiding light.

Crypto Native

Crypto media is a completely different ball game from traditional media, and we understand the sector extensively. Our team of crypto-native media experts will tailor a package specifically suited to your needs and adapt it to the crypto-media landscape.

Full-Stack Distribution

We are a full-scale crypto distribution strategy. This means we’ll develop a dedicated budget for your company, find the correct channels, create the best content, and then distribute and amplify. Put it this way, we are the narrative controllers.

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